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Acting is a long game.

Let's warm you up for your mark.

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A Starter Agency™ is not a traditional talent agency but an innovative, one of a kind approach to developing talent. Through the use of industry expertise, agent and casting partners as well as a dash of technology; we focus on the personalized, healthy curation of professional acting careers. Also, we care.

A Starter Agency™ is just that, a place for actors to get their start. We recognize that no two actor’s paths are the same. It is difficult, expensive and time consuming to try to figure out how to start, grow and maintain a successful on-camera acting career. Misinformation runs rampant and work life balance in a small yet busy markets feels impossible. We are your direct portal to real time industry trends and information, with rates designed to help you save time and money, allowing you to focus on the parts of acting you love with confidence in your journey.

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We offer knowledge on how to grow your acting career beyond what is taught in acting class, straight from the people that have been booking actors for years. We are proud to offer workshops and one-on-one personally tailored advising packages on all things acting career. Interested in learning more? Please read these frequently asked questions and set up a consultation today.

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  • Why should I work with A Starter Agency™?
    It's simple! After many years of either casting or agenting actors, ASA has developed a system that will work to eliminate frustration and financial strain involved in pursuing a professional acting career. All guidance will come first hand from us or our resources, not an internet search or social media group. Retaining our services will take the guesswork out of becoming a working actor, at a fraction of the cost and time spent trying to navigate on your own.
  • Why is ASA different?
    While teaching the business of acting is not a new concept, the thoughtful and organized system ASA has developed for clients is. ASA's founder has cast and repped actors for 10+ years. All of the guidance and resources ASA client's have access to is coming from the mind(s) of those that have been BOOKING actors for years.
  • What is the ASA System?
    ASA has developed a system utilizing various types of technology to keep client profile's up to date. Each meeting, piece of media, milestone will be recorded and kept in our personal file; which will be used to share with casting, reps etc.
  • Are we a talent agency?
    Nope! If you are looking for long term representation, this is not the place. If you are looking to make yourself desirable to representation, this is the place!
  • Can we help you get an agent?
    Once you are ready, it’s very likely! Although we can not guarantee any one agency will choose to work with you, we work closely with several agencies and share our client database regularly.
  • What are some services we provide?
    Actor education and development including but not limited to: all things acting career, budgeting/financial responsibility, mindfulness tools, work/life balance, resources for low cost healthcare, therapy for actors by actors, what to do to start booking, community connections to help make finding a reader, coach or representation less stressful and time consuming.
  • Why work with us?
    We are passionate about fostering prepared talent that will in turn, contribute to the continued success of the Texas Film Industry. Better prepared actors means better running sets, resulting in even more interest in shooting in Texas!
  • Who will benefit from working with us?
    Anybody wanting to start or elevate their acting career, any age and at any level. Particularly those that think they have no chance because of lack of connections, finances or experience.
  • My child wants to act, is this a good first step for us?
    Yes! Never before have parents had the opportunity to receive guidance personalized from people at this level for their children interested in pursuing an on-camera acting career.
  • I am a theatre actor but have been interested in on camera. Is this a good first step for me?
    Yes! We are well versed in the differences between theatre and on-camera acting. We realize transitioning or juggling both can be a struggle. We are here to help!
  • Will working with A Starter Agency provide real life acting experience?
    Although we can not guarantee any bookings, we will guide you through the submission process as well as how to effecively use the most commonly used casting sites. Eventually clients that are considered ready to book will be given the option to be submitted to commercials.
  • Financials
    A huge part of a successful career is knowing how to advocate for yourself financially. ASA will work closely with clients to guide on what and what to submit to and why. We will also walk clients through the invoicing/payment portions after booking.
  • Can you help me find an acting coach?
    Yes! We realize how daunting finding the right coach can be. We see many actors spending money on the wrong classes. We work with local coaches and know the details about each class offered to help guide you to the right class for your skill level.
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We hope to work with you soon!

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