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Acting is a long game.

Let's warm you up for your mark.

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ASA is not a traditional talent agency but an innovative, one of a kind approach to developing Texas talent. Birthed from 10 plus years in casting, followed by starting and running her own talent agency; founder Jessica Hovind is passionate about being a resource to aspiring talent. ASA focus' on the personalized, healthy and well rounded curation of professional acting careers.



A Starter Agency is just that, a place for actors to get their start. Working with us gives you one on one access to "pick brains", chat about your career with industry professionals, gain knowledge and experience. We keep detailed track of your progress with us so when you are ready and comfortable with long term representation, we will be thrilled to help facilitate and send you on your way! 


At ASA we recognize that no two actor’s paths are the same. It is difficult, expensive and time consuming to try to figure out how to start, grow and maintain a successful on-camera acting career. Misinformation runs rampant and work life balance in a small yet busy market feels impossible. We are your direct portal to all things Texas market and more importantly:  genuine


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We offer one on one knowledge on how to grow your acting career beyond what is taught in any class, straight from the people that have been booking actors for years. Interested in learning more?  Set up a  15-ish minute consultation today!

What is ASA
How Do I Make It
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  • Why do I need this?
    If you are an un-repped aspiring actor in the Texas market, you will save money in the long run by working with ASA.
  • Is ASA a talent agency?
    Not exactly, though if and when ready, ASA clients will be eligible for submissions via sister company Variant Talent.
  • What is Custom Clips?
    ASA matches actors with writers to create original scenes which play to performance strengths. An expert crew shoots on location with the help of an on set coach during rehearsal. You aren't getting this anywhere else.
  • I am still confused about what ASA is exactly
    Sign up for a FREE video consultation! What do you have to lose?
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We hope to work with you soon!

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